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High Efficiency PRP SST Blood Test Tube For Osteoarthritis Treatment
  • High Efficiency PRP SST Blood Test Tube For Osteoarthritis Treatment

High Efficiency PRP SST Blood Test Tube For Osteoarthritis Treatment

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High Efficiency SST Blood Test Tube


Osteoarthritis SST Blood Test Tube


High Efficiency prp test tube

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PRP Tube


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) means platelet-rich plasma or growth factor-rich blood, which can stop bleeding quickly, relieve pain and accelerate wound healing, and greatly reduce the formation of scars after surgery. Usually used in various surgical operations, heart surgery and extensive burn surgery, chronic ulcers, ulceration of limbs, plastic surgery and so on.
Platelet is the basic component of blood. Usually, when a cell tissue of the body is damaged, the injured cell will send a distress signal to the body, stimulate platelet activation and release growth factor, and repair the damaged cell tissue as soon as possible, so as to achieve the effect of self-healing damaged tissue. However, if When the platelet count in the blood of the injured cell tissue is too thin to meet the requirement of self-healing, the new PRP technology can be used to achieve the healing effect.
PRP is a very simple, fast, low-risk, non-surgical and advanced natural healing treatment. The platelet-rich plasma was extracted by centrifugation with a special blood collection container, and then activated by light catalysis. After centralized acquisition of growth factors, the platelet returned to the damaged tissue.
Growth factors can promote the reproduction of healthy cells, quickly repair damaged cells, replace dead cells, speed up healing and repair, reduce pain and reverse aging.



Performance advantages

  1. PRP is autogenous, free from disease transmission, immune rejection, and concerns that heterogenous recombinant gene products may alter human genetic structure;
  2. There are many kinds of high-concentration growth factors in PRP. The proportion of growth factors is consistent with the normal proportion in vivo, which makes the best synergistic effect between growth factors.
  3. PRP can be solidified into gelatinous, adhesive tissue defects, to prevent platelet loss, so that platelets secrete growth factors at ministerial time.
  4. PRP contains a large amount of fibrin, which provides a good scaffold for repairing cells. It can also shrink wounds, promote coagulation, stimulate tissue regeneration and promote wound healing.
  5. PRP contains a large number of white blood cells and monocytes, which can play a better role in preventing infection.


Applicable department


◆ Orthopedics (trauma, joints, hand and foot surgery, spine).

◆ Emergency room

◆ Otorhinolaryngology

◆ Sports Medicine

◆ Maxillofacial surgery

◆ Ophthalmology

◆ Cosmetology


The main purpose


● For osteoarthritis treatment, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, recombinant cells (such as joint bones, muscles, tissue pain, arthritis, bursitis, tendon and ligament pain, accelerate fracture healing)

● It is used to accelerate cell regeneration and remodeling, maintain the strength and elasticity of skin cells, increase the amount of high-quality collagen, reduce wrinkles, and create a younger appearance (various medical treatments, skin rejuvenation, breast enhancement, etc.)


Our strengths

  1. Production environment: production in 100-grade purification workshop;
  2. Through professional certification of 1S013485, ISO 9001, etc.
  3. High quality pipe and biomimetic membrane treatment technology;
  4. High quality additives and high efficiency separating gum.
  5. Precise preset vacuum can make the ratio of additives in tube to blood volume to ensure the extraction of PRP with high purity.
  6. The whole process is not blocked, original tube operation, to avoid pollution.
  7. Compared with the traditional two-step centrifugation method, the method is simple, fast, one-step centrifugation and high recovery.

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